4 Tell-Tale Signs Your Crane Requires Maintenance

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Cranes are vital equipment in various industries, from construction to manufacturing. Their efficient operation is crucial for ensuring safety, productivity, and project timelines. However, like any intricate machinery, cranes require care and attention to function optimally. Recognising the signs that your crane operations require maintenance is essential for preventing potential hazards and optimising performance. Shin Guan, your trusted crane company in Singapore has compiled these signs to prevent potential issues and ensure the continued efficiency of your crane system. Keep reading on to learn more.

Overheating components

One of the primary indicators for crane maintenance is overheating of crane components. Cranes are equipped with various mechanical and electrical parts that generate heat during operation. However, when this heat exceeds normal levels, it often signifies underlying issues such as friction, inadequate lubrication, or electrical malfunctions. Promptly investigating the root cause of unusually high temperatures or overheating alarms is crucial, as prolonged overheating can result in premature component failure and result in costly repairs.

Moreover, to ensure the longevity and safety of your crane’s operation, routine crane services like inspection and maintenance are imperative. These proactive measures aid in addressing overheating issues before they escalate, safeguarding both equipment performance and personnel safety.

Visible wear and tear


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Another unmistakable sign that your crane requires maintenance is the detection of visible wear and tear on its components. Continuous exposure to heavy loads, harsh environments, and frequent use inevitably leads to the gradual deterioration of mechanical parts over time. Therefore, it is essential to conduct regular inspections of your crane to identify signs of damage and potential issues before they worsen. Keep an eye out for indicators such as fraying or broken wire ropes, cracks or deformities in structural components, as well as corrosion or rust formation. Addressing these concerns through crane repairs and replacement helps to mitigate the risk of unexpected failures and costly downtime.

Irregular movement


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Cranes are designed to move smoothly and precisely according to operator commands. Any deviations from normal operation, such as jerky movements, drifting, or unresponsive controls, could reveal underlying mechanical or electrical issues. Furthermore, irregular movement compromises the safety and efficiency of crane operations, posing risks to construction personnel and property. Such issues can be caused by various factors, including hydraulic leaks, misaligned components, worn-out brakes, or electrical faults. Performing regular inspections and functional tests can prevent potential accidents and ensure optimal crane performance.

Unusual noises

While some level of noise is expected during crane operation, certain types of sounds may suggest various mechanical issues such as worn bearings, loose components, or misalignment within the crane’s structure. For instance, a clunking noise could indicate loose bolts or fasteners, while a grinding noise might point to friction between moving parts due to insufficient lubrication or wear. Similarly, a high-pitched squealing sound could be a sign of a worn-out or misaligned component, such as a pulley or sheave.

Recognising these crane system issues early on is key to maximising the lifespan and performance of your equipment, while ensuring a safe and efficient work site. With a maintenance plan in place, you can rest assured knowing that your operations will run smoothly and contribute to the overall success of your project.

Looking to prevent crane problems through maintenance services? At Shin Guan, our team of professionals offer a range of services, from crane repairs to component replacements, ensuring the smooth execution of your projects. Contact us today to find out more.

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